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Birth: 28, January 1985

Toccoa, Ga


I have lived and breathed art all my life. This has driven me down two paths; doing and teaching. As a graphic designer, I produce commercial creative for design firms and as a freelancer. As an illustrator, I produce prints and textiles for my personal shop - and as a teacher, I dedicate my time by designing curriculum for other educators to use to help budding artists find their own style through knowledge. 
As I have aged and evolved, so too has my style and convictions. I am interested in nature - finding comfort in its colors, organic shapes, and perfect imperfections. I take these influences, these muses, and translate them into ethereal watercolors, energetic line work, and pleasing palettes. 
There is power in finding the beauty in human mortality - we can not live forever in nature, but we are immortal when we become works of art. 


Picture it, Georgia, 2000 - the threat of Y2K has passed, scrunchies are popular, Buffy and Charmed are the shows to watch, AIM is the hottest way to message your friends, and the Sims just came out. When my nose wasn't stuck in a book, I was drawing, painting, and learning the ins and outs of the software for digital art - Adobe. 

I have been using Adobe products since the early 2000s when I was in high school and hanging around in the Deviant Art community. I read everything about digital art I could get my hands on. This included diving into web comics, manga, anime, and subscribing to several digital magazines to learn the newest tips and tricks. 

Getting access to this software early in life catapulted me into the world of animation, design, illustration, and visual effects; I never looked back.


So when I say I have over 10 years experience with the software, that is not an exaggeration. 


of my work


Clothing, home decor, textures, patterns, prints and more. 


Eye catching and engaging social media posts for the digital age. 



Show stopping advertisements sure to stop any shopper in their tracks. 

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